QHow long is the warranty and useful life?


The whole machine is guaranteed for two years, the accessories are guaranteed for six months, and the BIS module is guaranteed for one year. The designed service life is five years.

QWhat are the maintenance methods?


There are return maintenance, remote assistance to upgrade software, and on-site maintenance for customers' special needs.

QWhat are the precautions for BIS monitoring?


When pasting the disposable EEG sensor, ensure that the patient's forehead has been disinfected with alcohol and the pasting position is correct; Hold the module in place during use.

QWhat should I pay attention to when using CBS?


When the alarm occurs, please try to restart the machine; If there is still a problem with the restart, please contact the after-sales service in time for repair. Do not dismantle the machine for inspection without permission.

QWhat are the precautions for blood oxygen monitoring?


The measured person should keep quiet; Place oximetry probe in appropriate position on client's finger with probe line on back of hand (fingernail facing up); Cannot continuously monitor the same part for a long time; Do not use the blood oxygen probe on the same arm as the blood pressure cuff. Dirt on the fingers or nail polish on the nail can also affect the measurements; Direct radiation from strong external light to the blood oxygen probe should be avoided.

QHow to clean monitor?

AScrub should use soft cloth;
The main engine and power supply can use soap, amino or ethanol based materials;
Reusable SpO2 probes should use soap, amino and ethanol based materials;
Ammonia: dilute ammonia < 3%; Ethanol: ethanol 70%, isopropyl alcohol 70%;
Do not use abrasive materials, such as wire brushes or silver polishes;
Do not let the cleaning liquid into the machine, or soak the cleaned parts.
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